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Harry Potter Wallpaper (+ Tutorial)

[001] Harry Potter/Hermione Granger wallpaper (1024x768)
[002] Tutorial



From this to this.

Start with your image (I chose a nice one of Harry/Hermione from the new film) and resize/crop it to fit your canvas size - my desktop is 1024x768, so I went for that size.

At the bottom of the Layers window, you'll see a circle that's half black, half white. This is a shortcut to the Layer > New Adjustment Layer menu.
I created a Hue/Saturation Layer and reset the settings so that Cyan & Blue are the only colours showing (or, if you want a different colour to be showing - red for instance - then you would have a higher saturation level for red, and low for all the other colours). I did that with these settings:
Reds: Saturation -100
Yellows: Saturation -100
Greens: Saturation -100
Cyans: Saturation +25
Blues: Saturation +25
Magentas: Saturation -100

Now I used a Curves Layer. This will vary from image to image, but for mine I made two points with these settings:
Output: 238
Input: 229

Output: 17
Input: 36

Again, this will vary from image to image, but I decided to add a Brightness/Contrast Layer with these settings:
Brightness: +5
Contrast: +10

I then used this image (from www.ex-posed.com), resized it and positioned it on my canvas set to Lighten at 70% Opacity.

I then used this image (also from www.ex-posed.com), resized it and positioned it on my canvas set to Multiply at 60% Opacity.
However, this meant that there was some writing covering Hermione's face, so I used the Eyedropper tool to get the colour of the image and painted across the writing that was covering Hermione's face.

Now, I think there needs to be another image to take the focus away from the main one a little bit. I chose this one of Hermione and positioned it on my canvas set to Lighten. Some parts of the image didn't look right (for instance, her hair was covering parts of Harry's ear) so I used the Eraser tool and erased what I didn't want.

I think it needs more contrast, so I created another Curves Layer with these settings:
Output: 242

Output: 147

Output: 20
Input: 32

I then made a Levels Layer with these settings:
11, 0.94, 244

Finally, add some text (mine are lyrics from Beautiful by Trading Yesterday) and I also added my watermark in the corner.

That's all folks! Any questions, feel free to ask!

~ Credit j_p_fan or fandom_fanart if you use anything I've made.
~ No hotlinking.
~ If you make anything with this tutorial, I'd love to see it!

If you would like to join the community to keep updated, please feel free to do so.


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Jul. 21st, 2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
Pretty Wallie! :)
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